You will be greeted at the hospitality desk by our lovely hosts, some of whom will be familiar to those who have been to previous incarnations of the ball. They are there throughout the evening to ensure your comfort. Please go to them with any questions or problems that you may have.

On the hospitality desk there will be a display of raffle prizes, collection boxes for donations, sweets, fruit and forms for the slave auction.

Couples Room

This room is situated upstairs between the two main rooms. It is for couples who wish to have some private time to enjoy each other. The room will be monitored to ensure that only couples are allowed in. If you are not able to manage stairs, there will be a separate area by the dungeon for you to use. Please ensure that you leave the area clean and try not to remain there for more than an hour.

First Room

From 8pm until 10pm this room will host the Dressing Up Service. For a donation you can hire a costume for the evening. A handy service for those who are not good at choosing their own outfits or simply have nothing to wear.

No good at doing your makeup? Don't worry, we have a wonderful makeup artist to do it for you. Yves has worked at Harvey Nichols, Selfridges, Liberty and Harrods amongst other places - pay £5 and he will make you beautiful.


The wonderful Fosit will be running this room from 10pm until close. As usual he will be playing his relaxed mix of chillout music. 

Dark Room

This room is situated in the upstairs bar at the back of the Back Room. It is available for anyone to use and a paradise for both exhibitionists and voyeurs. If you are not able to use the stairs (or need help) please ask where to go.


The Dungeon is situated between the two main rooms. It will be monitored all evening by our two skilled monitors.

This year the Dungeon contains some lovely equipment, made especially for the ball. There's even a spanking bench designed with those in wheelchairs in mind.

Suitable for those who are curious to those who are experienced. A safe and secure environment for all.


There are two sets of toilets in the building, one at the front and one at the back. The accessible toilet is at the back of the building and is entered via a ramp. Please ask if you need assistance and one of our stewards will be happy to help you.

Back Room

The Back room contains the stage. This is where the performances will take place throughout the evening. There will be a number of top London DJ's playing music between performances.

The raffle and slave auction will be held in this room.

Dave Curtois (Wicked Angel) will be arranging an installation of disabled models with whom you can be photographed for a small fee. You are of course able to be photographed alone if you wish.

Along with all the other delights in this room will be a confessional box where you can go and confess your sins to Madame Natalia and a custom built grope box where you can choose to be either the gropee or the groper.